EXHIBITING NATIONALLY All   information   is   available   on   the   ABPS   website    along   with   Application   Forms.   This   website   also   has   links   to   the   FIP   Commissions,   rules   and   regulatios   to   support   exhibitors   at both National and International levels. FEDERATION COMPETITIONS The 2017 Wessex Federation Competition Entries will be shown on 9th September 2017 at St Michaels Church Hall, Chudleigh Road, Kinstiegnton, TQ12 3JU This years competitions 2017 Entry Form . to be returned to Comp Sec by 8th July. Entries to Comp Sec by 12th Aug. Obtain a copy of the Insurance Waiver Form View the Competition Rules For further information about Wessex Federation Competitions contact the Competition Secretary .