NOW CLOSED DOWN Welcome to our web page. We are affiliated to t he Wessex Philatelic Federation. We are a vibrant and active society that draws its membership from most of East Cornwall. The club offers some very lively and interesting meetings. If you are a collector of philatelic material in any form you will find lots of inspiration at our meetings. WHY NOT JOIN US For further information send your details in the first instance to the Club Secretary or the  Wessex Webmaster COMMITTEE Chairman         - David Jefferies Vice Chairman - John Maynard Secretary         - John Harrison  Treasurer         - Jim Parsons
MEETINGS - are held on the last Wednesday of each month in the Emily Hobhouse Room, West Street, Liskeard, PL14 6BW, starting at 7.15 pm. PROGRAMME 2021-22 28/07/21 - Members  Displays 25/08/21 -    29/09/21 -  2022 To be Confirmed Visitors are always welcome at our meetings Last updated 6 Oct 2021