EXHIBITING NATIONALLY All information is available on the  ABPS website  along with Application Forms. The ABPS website also has links to the FIP Commissions, rules and regulatios to support exhibitors at both National and International levels. FEDERATION COMPETITIONS This year’s competition will be displayed in Plymouth at the Mayflower 400 event in the Guildhall on 20 June 2020.   To enter, please obtain                a copy of the   2020 Entry Form .                 to be returned to Comp Sec  by 25th April.       AND  a copy of the   Insurance Waiver Form View the   Competition Rules For further information about Wessex Federation Competitions contact the   Competition Secretary . 2017 COMPETITION RESULTS The 2017 Wessex Federation Competition Entries were shown on 9th September 2017 at St Michaels Church Hall, Chudleigh Road, Kinstiegnton, TQ12 3JU TRADITIONAL PHILATELY 1 - Sally Ellam (Plymouth) - Marianne Et L’Europe LARGE SILVER   2 - Gary Green (Torquay & Teignbridge) The Maharaja Stamps of Cochin GOLD POSTAL HISTORY 1 - Martin Ellam (Plymouth) - Foreign Workers Germany Censored Mail LARGE VERMEIL  2 - Martin Ellam (Plymouth) The Weimar Republic Postal Stationery Inflation VERMEIL 3 - Malcolm Givans (Taw & Torridge) Foreign Post Office in Shaghai GOLD  4 - Peter Webb (Torquay & Teignbridge) The British & FRench Post Offices of Pondicherry India GOLD THEMATICS 1 - Martin Ellam (Plymouth) DIamonds in their many Forms GOLD  2 - Gary Green (Torquay & Teignbridge) Travel & Tourism GOLD 3 - Stephen Page (Sidmouth & Honiton) The Kingfisher Family GOLD
INTRODUCTION TO THEMATICS 1 - Tony Elliot (Torquay & Teignbridge) Spanish Castles VERMEIL  2 - Gary Green (Torquay & Teignbridge) Coal GOLD AEROPHILATELY CLASS 1 - Peter Webb (Totquay & Teignbridge) Basra -Cairo Service GOLD  2 - David Cleaver (Torquay & Teignbridge) 1st Transatlantic Airmail Flight Via Northern Route GOLD OPEN CLASS 1 - Tony Elliott (Torquay & Teignbridge) Flora & Fauner of Spain LARGE SILVER  2 - Malcolm Givans (Taw & Torridge) De La Rues Lilac & Green Stamps LARGE SILVER THOMPSON CUP 1st - Torquay & Teignbridge  2nd Plymouth                                     Page last updated 4 January 2020