WESSEX FEDERATION WOULD LIKE TO START CLUBS IN BRIXHAM, EXETER, Mid-Devon, & TIVERTON I f you are interested in the starting of clubs in either location contact in the first instance the  Wessex Webmaster   The Federation would provide both support and some funding to bring these clubs into being. Our latest  WESSEX BULLETIN  is now available. The listing of  Wessex Speakers  has just been re-released (2 March 2019). WETS has published a  cross indexed listing of all articles in WETS  News and is offering all copies of WETS News from nl09-date on a Memory Stick WETS and LINKS pages have been updated  10 Sep 2019. LATEST NEWS   !!     We provide below  a large downloadable file of all Wessex and WETS bulletinss,                                      for you to be able to have some new philatelic information, or to re-read older ones.                                     Download a 60Mb Indexed file of Newsletters  Here  .                                      This is a Zipped file named “WETS_Wessex_Pubs.zip”.                                       You then need to “Extract” the contents.                                             (If you right-click on your downloaded zip file, the option “Extract all” appears).                                      After extraction, go to the folder MS01.                                                                    Inside MS01 is a “start with” guide file   msintro.doc                                      That suggests that you click on the file      index.htm                                      There is also a pair of indexes in           select.htm                                                  29 March 2020, revised 19 August.