GENERAL CALENDAR Michael   Hale   Collectors   Fairs   at   America   Hall,   De   la   Rue   Way,   Pinhoe, Exeter EX4 8PX      2018 Saturdays: 17th Feb, 21st April, 21st Jul, 15th Sept, 3rd Nov. Bridgewater   (Michael   Hale   Collectors   Fair)   on   Saturday   14   April 2018    at    Westfield    United    Reformed    Church    Hall    West    Street Bridgwater TA6 7EU. Stamp Fairs on Thursdays at   Plymouth Guildhall, Armada Way, PL1 2ER 2018, Panda Fairs:   22 March,  21 June,  18 October,  13 December Panda Fairs also in Exeter,  Clyst St. George, Parish Hall, Woodbury Rd, EX3 0RE, 2018 Fridays:  23 March, 22 June,  19 October, 14 December.
INTEGRATED CALENDAR   of Club Meetings WETS AUTUMN MEETING   - Saturday 3rd November 2018,   For further details, see the WETS CLUB Page, or contact the  WETS Secretary The 2018 Wessex Federation Competition Entries Will   beshown   on   29th   September   2018   at   Sidford   Social   Hall,   Byes   Lane, Sidford,   Sidmouth,   EX10   9QX,   in   association   with   Sidmouth   and   Honoiton Philatelic Society. Updated 22 May 2018