Bideford Stamp Club is affiliated to the Wessex Philatelic Federation. The club meets on the second Monday evening of each month except August. Bideford   Stamp   Club   was   re-established   in   November   2008   following   closure   of   the   original Bideford   &   North   Devon   Stamp   Club   in   2000.   The   club   is   currently   based   in   Westward   Ho! and draws members from across the North Devon Area. The club is always keen to welcome new members regardless of ability. The   club   has   visiting   speakers   who   give   displays   and   talks,   competitions,   auctions   and regular Bring & Buy Sessions Young   members   are   especially   welcome.   One   aspect   of   philately   they   are   interested   in   is collecting   on   a   theme   to   tell   a   story.   You   could   build   an   interesting   story   around   some aspect you already have an interest in. If   you   have   philatelic   material   and   would   like   to   find   out   more   abour   it,   come   along   to   one   of our meetings.   If you collect philatelic material in any form   WHY NOT JOIN THE CLUB Potential new members are encouraged to come to a few meetings prior to joining. Obtain a copy of our Application Form  here. Annual Subscription is £12.00 due on 1st January each year. COMMITTEE                     Chairman - Peter Blackmore             Vice-Chairman - Norman Devonshire                     Secretary -  Ian Knight                     Treasurer - David Watson Programme Secretary - David Watson                      Librarian - David Levick Read our Constitution.
MEETINGS The   club   meets   on   the   2nd   Monday   of   each   month   except August in the Kinsley Hall, Westward Ho!                       Meetings run from 7.30 pm to 9.30pm 2018 PROGRAMME   8 January   -  Club Competition 12 February -   AGM, and Bring & Buy 12 March      -   Aden ……………………..………….  Bryan Short   9 April        -   Wessex Roadshow 14 May         -   Smithy and his Bus ……….…….……. Sue Burn 11 June        -   Canada  ……………………… Martin Hopkinson   9 July         -   A Trip around the Channel Islands .. Peter Gay 10 Sept         -   Members Evening   8 October   -   A Philatelic Miscellany ………… David Watson 12 November -  Club Auction 10 December -  Christmas Social Evening Last updated  10 Feb 2018.