DARTMOUTH   STAMP   CLUB    (formerly   known   as   South   Hams Philatelic Society) is affiliated to Wessex Philatelic Federation. The club was formed in 1966 The   club   offers   some   very   lively   and   interesting   meetings   and   regards itself as the “Friendly society for the average collector” Membership    is    drawn    from    the    town    of    Dartmouth    and    many    of    the surrounding villages. If   you   are   a   collector   of   philatelic   material   WHY   NOT   COME   &   JOIN   US just contact our secretary. COMMITTEE President - Mr A. Ford Chairman - Mr D. Pratley Vice Chairman - Mr B. Harvey Secretary - Mrs D. Morris Treasurer - Miss S. Green Packet Secretary - Mr.D. Prately Librarian - Mr D. Prately
MEETINGS - 2017 Are    held    at    the    Lower    Room,    Conservative    Club,    Victoria    Road Dartmouth   and   run   from   7.30   pm   to   9.30pm   on   the   dates   specified below. 4/4/17 Rose Bowl and Cobb Cup - Judge Jim Wigmore 2/5/17 - An Evening with David Lethbridge. 6/6/17 - AGM & Kiloware night.