EXMOUTH STAMP CLUB was founded in 1939 and is affiliated to both Wessex Philatelic Federation and the Association of British Philatelic Societies. We   are   very   friendly   and   always   keen   to   welcome   potential   new   members   or   even those   just   curious   to   our   meetings.   Even   if   you   have   never   collected   stamps,   but think   you   may   have   an   interest   ,we   would   be   happy   to   see   you   and   give   any assistance you may require. Young   people   are   especially   welcome.   One   aspect   of   collecting   popular   with   young peole   is   Thematics,   stamps   that   tell   a   story   and   may   align   with   another   interest   you may have. COMMITTEE Life President - Barry Hampton Chairperson - Barbara Rogers Vice Chairman - Mike Donoghue Secretaries - Jeffrey Gregory & Roger Smaldon Treasurer - Gerald Smith Packet Secretary - Colin W. Rogers Librarian - Mike Donoghue Competition Officer - Mr C. Norris Auctioneer - Colin Rogers JOIN   THE   CLUB    -   The   Club   is   open   to   all   ages   and   has   a   mixed   age   group   of both   male   and   femail   members.   You   will   get   a   great   deal   of   pleasure   from   mixing with    other    members.    The    Club    does    not    divulge    details    of    its    membership    or member’s details. Annual Subscriptions - Adult - £10.00 Juniors (Under 16) - £2.00 YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO RECEIVE OUR EXCHANGE PACKET EXCHANGE   PACKET    -   Our   Packet   unlike   eBay   allows   you   to   se   what   you   are actually   buying   in   the   comfort   of   your   own   home.   You   only   buy   what   you   like   at prices you can afford. VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO OUR MEETINGS Updated 24 Aug 2019
MEETINGS   - held on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month          in The Pilgrim Room, Glenorchy United Reformed Church,              Exeter Road, Exmouth, EX8 1PL     starting at 7.30pm. PROGRAMME 2018-19 04/09/19 - Club Members Displays - Arts/Music, or Recent Aquisitions 18/09/19 - Captain Cook  -  Richard Wakeman                   <Title TBA>  -  Gerry Smith 28/09/19  - Federation Stamp Day   see Promotional Leaflet 02/10/19 - WWI and Pioneer India Airmail  -  Peter Webb 16/10/19 - Ascension Island - John Woolven-Allen 06/11/19 - Club Auction 20/11/19 - Bohemia and Moravia   -  Dave Cleaver 04/12/19 - Fun Stamp Quiz  -  David Oates 15/12/19 - Christmas Lunch  -  N.B. Sunday 12:30, Devoncourt Hotel 15/01/20 - Victor is only the Beginning  -  Norman Ling 05/02/20 - Bermuda  -  Alan Taylor 19/02/20 - “Youth” on Stamps - Pages for School/College Roadshow 04/03/20 - “Eccott etcetera”  -  The Rex & Mike show. 18/03/20 - Postal History GB  -  John Harrison 01/04/20 - Secretary and Chums 15/04/20 - The Frozen South  -  Charles Berry                         The Boer War  -  Roger le  Voir 06/05/20 - Wessex Roadshow -  Dave Cleaver & Team 20/05/20 - Spring Clean/Chuck Out  - swap & giveaway 03/06/20 - La Semeuse  -  Richard Stupples 17/06/20 - Club Members 8-Page Presentations “Summer & Holidays” 01/07/20 - AGM and Mini Auction (Up to 10 lots per member, please) No meetings in August. COMPETITIONS The club runs Annual Philatelic Competitions open to all members. Thompson Cup  - 8 sheets Philatelic - GB or Commonwealth Founders Trophy  - 8 sheets Juniors only Gavin Trophy  - Thematics 6 sheets Mabel Rainsford Trophy  - 8 sheets Philatelic - Foreign. C.F.Reekes Rose Bowl - 6 sheets any subject                                           for those who have never won a trophy Postal History Salver  - 16 sheets of Postal History