Welcome ! We    are    a    well    established    club    affiliated    to    both    Wessex    Philatelic Federation   & ABPS.   Our   members   come   from   all   walks   of   life   and   span   a considerable   age   range.   Our   members   are   able   to   offer   considerable assistance to fellow collectors. The   club   offers   a   good   and   varied   range   of   speakers   throughout   the   year with    topics    that    will    find    favour    with    most    collectors.    Whatever    your interest, you will always learn something. COMMITTEE Chairman - Mr. V. Sandercock     01566 772846 for further information Secretary - Mrs. E. Sandercock Treasurer - Mr. D. Kent Committee Members - Miss V. Ellacott,   Mr R. Eccott,                                      Mr D. Richards,   Mr H. Hamblin. JOIN THE CLUB The   club   is   open   to   all   age   groups,   we   have   a   mix   of   both   male   and female members of mixed ages. SUBSCRIPTIONS      -     ADULT     £8.00/annum,     Juniors     (under     16) £2.50/annum CIRCULATING   PACKET    -   Unlike   eBay,   circulation   Packets   allow   you to   see   what   you   are   actually   buying   in   the   comfort   of   your   own   home. You only buy what you like at prices you can afford. To receive the Packet you must be a member. We are always interested in potential new contributors to the Packet. For    further    information    about    the    Packet,    contact    the    C.P.F.    Packet Secretary,   David   Payne   on   01637   874562,   but   please   explain   the   reason for your request,  and pass your contact details to him.
MEETINGS - held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Yeolmbridge Methodist Chapel Hall, Ladycross PL15 8TN starting  at 18:30 hrs (displays start at 19:30 hrs) PROGRAMME 2019 14/11/19 -  Trading RE.  The Principality of Wales  -  David James 12/12/19 -  Trading KW. Sporting Interests  -  David Richards PROGRAMME 2020 09/01/20 - Trading RE.   Members Displays 13/02/20 - Trading CH.   Wessex Display 07/03/20 -   (Saturday)  Stamp & Postcard Fair  (see below)  Free Admission 13/03/20 -      Auction & Raffle - viewing from 18:30 hrs 09/04/20 -      C.P.F.  Quiz  Semi Finals 14/05/20 - Trading JB.    BPOs in Latin America  -  Bill Gibb 11/06/20 - Trading RE    Olympics - John Henderson 09/07/20 - Trading JF.    Launceston Postcards  -  John Ellacott 13/08/20 - Trading DL.   David Lethbridge Entertains 10/09/20 - Trading KW.  Old Sea Dogs & Men of War - Roger Winn 08/10/20 -       AGM, Auction & Raffle - viewing from 18:30 hrs 12/11/20 -  Trading NS.  Countries that Made Rhodesia  -  Neil Sargent 10/12/20 -  Trading KW. Barbados  -  David Richards Key to Traders present: CH =  Chris Hockaday JF  =  Jim Fisher KW =  Kevin Webb PE  =  Peter Eagles RE  =  Rex Eccott RG  =  Richard Griffiths JB   =  John Brown DL  =  David Lethbridge NS  =  Neil Sargent Stamp & Postcard Fair,      Saturday 7 March 2020, 10am-3pm, at the Central Methodist Church Sunday School Room,  Castle St, Launceston, PL15 8BA Dealers - Stamps, Postcards, Postal History.  Raffle,  and Refreshments available. Last updated 8 January 2020