We are affiliated to both Wessex, and  Somerset & Dorset   Philatelic Federations, and the Association of British Philatelic Societies. The club was formed in 1966 and offers some very lively and interesting meetings. Our membership is drawn from Minehead and many of the surrounding towns and villages. If you are a collector of philatelic material in any form you will find lots of inspiration at our meetings. WHY NOT JOIN US For further information send your details in the first instance to  Carol Turner or the Wessex Webmaster COMMITTEE President - Carol Turner Chairman - Ingrid Swinburn Secretary - John Bayly Treasurer - Tony Palin Packet Secretary - Tony Lovell
MEETINGS - are held on the second Tuesday of every month at                        The Friends Meeting House, Bancks Street, Minehead                                             and comence at 7.30 pm. PROGRAMME 2019-20 08/10/19 -  Taunton Stamp Club 12/11/19 -  Carol Entertains 10/12/19 -  Bring & Buy, Silent Display, Christmas Fayre 14/01/20 -  Members   Wings 11/02/20 -  WETS Road Show  10/03/20 -  Helicopter Mail  -  Mike Breward 14/04/20 -  My Red Arrows  -  Nigel Cox 12/05/20 -  Strike Mail  -  Phillip Lloyd 09/06/20 -  Serbia WW I  -  Richard Stroud 14/07/20 -  A.G.M., Bring & Buy, Silent Display, Seasonal Fayre 11/08/20 -  BOIC  -  Mike Sanders, and                   Rhodesia  -  John Knight   08/09/20 -  Members Evening - New Acquisitions Last updated 2 Oct 2019