We are affiliated to Wessex Philatelic Federation We are a very vibrant and active society that draws its membership from most of East Devon. The club offers some lively and interesting meetings on the third Monday of each Month. WHY NOT JOIN US If   you   are   a   collector   of   philatelic   material   in   any   form   you   will   find   lots   of   inspiration   at   our meetings.   In   the   first   instance   contact   the   Wessex   Webmaster       stating   the   nature   of   your   enquiry and   your   contact   details. You   could   of   course   just   attend   one   of   our   meetings,   we   will   be   pleased   to meet you. COMMITTEE President - Mr T. Smith Vice President - Mr C. Berry Chairman - Mr P. Eagles Vice Chairman - Mr C. Berry Programme Secretary - Mr T. Smith Treasurer - Mrs R. Wilson Auditor - Mr R. LeVoir Packet Secretary - Mr B. Hayward Membership Secretary - Mr B. Young Publicity Officer - Mr T. Smith
MEETINGS - are held at - Twyford House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth dorrs open at 6.45 pm for trading and meetings start at 7.15 pm PROGRAMME 2017 10/04/17 - “Smithy & his Bus” (Charles Kinsford-Smith) - Sue Burn 15/05/17 - Insuring your Collection & Nyasaland - Barry Horne 30/05/17 - Club Visit to Mid-Devon PS 19/06/17 - British Occupation of Italian Collonies Pt2 - Mike Sanders 17/07/17 - Life of the Honey Bee - Gary Green 21/08/17 - A Philatelic Holiday - Members 18/09/17 - Rhodesia Pt2 - Terry Cowlard 16/10/17 - Annual Auction 20/11/17 - AGM & Competition 18/12/17 - Festive Food & Fun arranged by the Committee