We are affiliated to Wessex Philatelic Federation We   are   a   very   vibrant   and   active   society   that   draws   its   membership   from   most   of East Devon. The   club   offers   some   lively   and   interesting   meetings   on   the   third   Monday   of   each Month. WHY NOT JOIN US If   you   are   a   collector   of   philatelic   material   in   any   form   you   will   find   lots   of   inspiration at   our   meetings.   In   the   first   instance   contact   the   Wessex   Webmaster       stating   the nature   of   your   enquiry   and   your   contact   details.   You   could   of   course   just   attend   one of our meetings, we will be pleased to meet you.  Annual subscription £13. COMMITTEE President - Mr Tony Smith Chairman - Mr. John Simpson Treasurer - Mr Roger LeVoir Secretary -  Mr David Brittain Last updated 29 Jan 2019
MEETINGS -  held at - Twyford House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth. Doors open at 6.45 pm for trading and meetings start at 7.15 pm. Tradingevery evening from 6:45pm, and during the interval, except during October & November.  Meetings close about 9pm. PROGRAMME 2019 21/01/19  -  Chairman’s Evening, with John Simpson 18/02/19  -  Members presentations -  Letters A to C 18/03/19  -   Club speakers  - Roger LeVoir & A N Other 15/04/19  -  1937 Coronation, from a stamp dealer’s perspective  -                                                                        Edward Caesley 20/05/19  -  British Commonwealth 1945  -  Nigel Cox 17/06/19 -  Macrobertson’s Air Race - Sue Burn (Truro) 15/07/19 -  Seychelles 1861-2001,  1000 miles from anywhere  -                                                                         Julian Lake 19/08/19 -  British Postal Stationery  - Neil Sargeant 16/09/19 -  Malta  -  Gary Green  (Torquay & Teignbridge) 21/10/19 -  Annual Club Auction 18/11/19 -  AGM & Club Competition 16/12/19 - Christmas Special